Monday, January 24, 2011

Model-Crush: Carmen Solomons

Facts about Carmen:
Agency: Boss models-South Africa
Nationality: South African
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Age: 18
Height: 168cm/5’6’’
Bust: 81cm/32”
Waist: 66cm/26”
Hips: 89cm/35”
Shoes: 38.5(EU)-7.5(US)-5.5(UK)
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes:  Green
Hobbies: Reading and Dancing
Favourite Music/Band: Freshly Ground
Dream place to visit: Paris
Currently obsessed with: 'A necklace my mother gave me'
Carmen Solomons was discovered whilst watching a fashion show at a shopping mall... What a 'lovely-coincidence' for now she gets to share her beauty with the world mwaaah!  

Whimsical, Trash and all things Lace

As fashion revolutionises with time, it becomes clear that styles from the 50's are back with a BANG... so it is highly important to mix and match: combining different styles in order to express yourself and to create your own style and mine is "Whimsical, Trash and Lace"... Florals, Pales, Salmon, Bubblegum, Lights, Biker Jackets, Studs, Dark eyes and Lacey garments, This style expresses my personality   and the stage which i'm at in my life at the moment: Lovely, Feminine, Daring and Trashy [in the most cleanest possible way]... So combine and create... For the sky is the Limit...mwah

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shop 'Til You Drop At My Top 5 Stores...

This year for me is a Fashion Revelation or somewhat and 'Epiphany'... And ask WHY?? Because it's the year to shop smarter and shop harder... yet stay wiser. We can start by reviewing the stores which we shop at such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, Polo, Prada, Stuttafords, Aldo etc... Not always affordable huh? But i'm here ofcourse to give you my Top 5 list of stores you should be visiting: 1. Woolworths-with trending lines such as Trenery and Country Road how can you go wrong? 2. Mr. Price-There is a lovely range, in style, especially suitable for the younger demographic similar to 'Target' 3. Jay Jay's-Mainly for the youth, colouful...with daring universal looks 4. Forever New-Florals, Feminine, Soft with a 'Gossip Girl' feel, What more can i say? 5. Jo Borkett-For sophisticated looks which aren't ridiculously priced, subtle colours combined with brights this is a designers haven indeed... With that said Your opinion my lovely matters more But i promise you that you will not be disappointed

Happy New Year My Fashionistas!!! Mwah

I hope that you have all had a lovely festive filled with nothing but joy, a refreshing time with your loved ones... And most importantly SHOPPING...Now it's out with the old and in with the new it's 2011!!! Now we know that last year was all about animal print(ofcourse), florals, nudes, breaking runway trends such as Burberry Emporium's 'daredevil look of sandals worn with socks. Yes', Chanels unforgettable tattoo collection... With the many trends which made 2010 memorable, let's top them this year and make 2011 magical: By being more daring, and living a little with that said 'Bisoux'!! Let's Do this :)

Your Editor