Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Leah McSweeney does it again... Yes The Lady who has been 'Married To The Mob' since 2004! I had to show ya'll these sneaks: a collaboration with Lacoste resulted in this Beauties...Her aim with her Clothing Line is to create an element in Fashion which screams out The New York Streets... The Gangs The Hood The Truth, The Grimy-Ness she has grown to appreciate... And dignifies it through this creative Collection... MTTB UP!! LEGGO...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shoes And Socks...Lets Trend!

Wearing socks and sandals? Yes We are... This trend is back in 2010... we can owe this to the Burberry Prosium Winter/Fall collection where nude coloured, or worn out greys were worn with similar toned high sandals. This trend can be worn with nearly any outfit but the challenge is the colour scheme, if you want to be safe stick to nudes, or dark browns and black, BUT if you want to go all out Colour Is your Bestfriend, just try not to look too busy... NB: if you wear pants stick to three-quarters or shorts so the shoe with the sock element is still the highlight of the outfit... It Can be made uber-sexy, tres-chic or cute... A Definite 'Must-Try'

Saturday, November 6, 2010

YSL Palais Mohawk Pumps...

Gone are the days when a Mohawk was a trendy Dare-devil hairstyle you did in order to stand out or annoy the 'so-called': uptight crowd... Now you can also slip it on your feet... This creation is by far impressive, wild in every way possible YET with a lady-like element... Yves this designer is holding two thumbs up... Lets Go!


Your probably asking yourself who he is... Well,  before you head over to wikipedea: Christian Louboutin(pronounced: Loo-boo-tan) is a shoe Designer from France, born on the 7th of January 1964... and launched his shoe label in 1991 in his country of birth. His trademark is the black pump with a red sole, which has been seen on the red carpet numerous times... BUT this shoe, which he created alongside Rodarte Fashion House team is the one which has Fashion addicts scraping for their last cent in order to possess it, which was primarily  seen being worn by Victoria Beckam, the dare devil who was also the first to be seen on the red carpet in the heeless pump- this time she rocked a Louby in a  black number... With it's Gothic theme of the spikes... It truly is DANGEROUS Grrr... And we have him to thank! Merci Monsieur Louboutin!

411... On Fashion 101

Fashion is all about expressing yourself... NOT about what others would like to see on you or what you see on others... Trends are an indication of what the masses are wearing in Each season, also known as what's IN =) YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED to twisting your fashion sense into a pretzel JUST be a bit flexible - if you are always playing by your own rules- come out of your comfort zone and join the rest... if you are always following trends- break away and try create your own: WEAR A HEELESS PUMP AND LIVE!